Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport

Located just 6km away from the city center,Adelaide airport is the main international airport in Southern Australia. It has a single terminal building that is able to handle both local and international passenger traffic. The number of runways Adelaide airport has is two and both are asphalt surfaced ones.

Reclaim Area In Adelaide Airport

When you arrive in Adelaide airport in an international flight,you need to pass through the passport control and the security check before arriving in the baggage reclaim area. Once you pick up your baggage it is time to pass through the customs desks and arrive at the arrival hall.

Adelaide Airport Car Park

In the arrival area you have ATMs and facilities to exchange currency. There are free Wi-Fi facilities as well. It is possible to have a meal in a restaurant or to buy snacks and drinks in a café.  In case you need to leave your baggage in the airport, you could do so and the location of lockers is the ground floor of the multi storey car park. In case you want to travel to the city or any close location, there are taxis, car hire, limousines and public transport. There is a minibus service that will drop you at your door step as well.

Adelaide Airport Taxis

If you are a passenger wanting to take an international flight in Adelaide airport, you need to arrive at the terminal on time and reach the check-in counters. Once the check in procedure it completed, it is necessary for you to pass through a security check in order to present yourself at the passport control. When you hand over your passenger card along with your passport there, you will be allowed to proceed into the departure area. For reliable airport transportation you can book Adelaide airport taxis here.

Departure Store In Airport

Once you are in the departure area you have the option to do some shopping and to dine in a restaurant. There are cafes that sell snacks and drinks as well. Free Wi-Fi is there to keep you occupied with your laptop to pass time. In the mean time, it is good to have an eye on one of the display screens to keep yourself updated on the status of your flight. Once the gate opens it is good to be there without delay.


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